Learn Immense Student Policy

Welcome to Learn Immense! To ensure a successful and enriching learning experience for everyone, we kindly ask all students to familiarize themselves with the following policies:


  • You must enroll in your chosen course(s) through the official Learn Immense platform. Enrolling through any unauthorized source will unfortunately lead to immediate expulsion from the course.


  • We maintain a strong commitment to academic integrity. Any form of academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism or cheating, will be taken very seriously and result in severe disciplinary action.


  • Regular attendance is crucial for your learning journey. If you are unable to attend a class, you must provide valid documentation (doctor’s note, etc.) to justify your absence. Unjustified absences can negatively affect your grades and academic standing.


  • Active participation is essential for a vibrant learning environment. We encourage you to ask questions, contribute to discussions, and actively engage with the course material. Consistent lack of participation may result in penalties.


  • Meeting deadlines is vital. All assignments, quizzes, and other assessments must be submitted by the designated due dates. Unfortunately, late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances.


  • We respect the privacy of all our students and instructors. Sharing personal information or course materials that are confidential is strictly prohibited. Any breach of confidentiality will lead to disciplinary action.

By following these policies, we can all work together to foster a positive learning environment that allows everyone to succeed.

Learning Platform:

This course will be conducted entirely on the Learn Immense platform. Please ensure you are familiar with the platform’s functionalities to navigate your learning journey seamlessly.